From town to town


JE:D (Jazz Ensemble Düsseldorf) is a collective of jazz musicians in exchange with other cities and twin cities. Everyone for himself a professional musician, teacher, composer and arranger. All of the musicians have been honored with the city’s ad- vancement award. Each musician is an experienced national and international player, and they are all related with each other in jazz and Düsseldorf.

JE:D comprises an extended network of musicians and artists from all over the world and is constantly communicating with other art genres such as classic, new music, dance, theatre and fine arts. This brand new recording also features international guests: STUART HENDERSON (Great Britain) GREGORIO MANGANO (Italy) GRZEGORZ PIOTROWSKI (Poland)


  1. Das Model (Kraftwerk) 05:38
  2. Kö (Mathias Haus) 06:22
  3. Closure (Sebastian Gahler) 06:48
  4. Saronic Soul /Reiner Witzel) 06:06
  5. Die Roboter (Kraftwerk) 06:09
  6. Wait a second (Philipp van Endert) 06:43
  7. Trauergesang (Friedrich von Spee) 07:46
  8. Rhine (Mathias Haus) 10:39
  9. Wenn ich in Deine Augen seh‘ (Robert Schumann) 05:51


produced by

Executive producer
Philipp van Endert & André Nendza

Reiner Witzel – alto & sporano saxophone
Mathias Haus – vibes
Sebastian Gahler – piano
Philipp van Endert – guitar
Nico Brandenburg – bass
Peter Weiss – drums


Moon Ballon