„A guitar sound that spreads so softly and organically from the ground into the environment, as if it were not played by a human, but grown after a warm summer rain“

Welcome! This is me, Phil!

The latest releases of guitar player/composer Philipp van Endert provides further evidence of his sensitive grasp of dramatic tension. Open space and breathing are elements that come to mind when listening to his current projects (from duo, trio up to sextet). Van Endert uncovers and gives new life to the secret force fields of long-discovered melody lines with virtuosic instinct. His music is like a bird’s flight of musical fantasy across the resources of our Jazz heritage.

It is not an attempt to reinvent coolness, but rather to sharpen sensitivity for the special quality of lyrical creativity. Philipp van Endert impresses with his musical prowess and brings many of his strengths to the fore in his latest beguiling yet weighty Jazz recordings. This guitarist has found the recipe for gratifying Jazz enthusiasts in their quest for meaning.